Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Healthy Food? Me?

Sitting at lunch the other day, I didn't know exactly how to respond when the girl next to me said,

"What's with you and the healthy food? I mean, do you really always eat that way?"

I glanced over at her country-fried porkchop microwave dinner and then down at my homemade spaghetti pie. Hmmm. In my journey from a size 12 to a size 2 and by going gluten-free, I had almost forgotten about microwave dinners. Having been teased many times about eating "bird food" over the last couple of years, her comment didn't surprise me too much. But my spaghetti pie? Healthy? Well...yes, I guess it is! But more importantly, it's a delicious lunch that I'm always excited about, and let's just say she didn't look especially thrilled when her pork chop came sizzling, or rather, squeaking, out of the microwave.

So after lots of experimentation and ruining just a couple of meals, I'm excited to share thoughts, recipes and lessons that will hopefully help you with cooking, creating, and concocting as well as preventing you from eating squeaky microwaved pork chops. I'll share tips on making meals healthier, leaner and gluten-free and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Welcome to my kitchen.

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